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    • 28 Aug 2021
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    "The Three Centers: From Wisdom to Practice"

    with Master Teacher Leslie Hershberger

    Saturday, August 28, 2021

    Noon-4pm Eastern

    In this workshop we will be expanding on Leslie's wisdom of the 3 centers approach and putting the wisdom to work.  Knowledge is not enough, we learn best when we engage our heart center while learning in community and engage our body center to digest and put knowledge into practice.  Come lean how to put the wisdom to work with us!  

    Leslie has been working with the 3 centered Enneagram for over 20 years as a consultant, master teacher, coach, spiritual guide, facilitator and mentor. She is certified in the Narrative Tradition, certified in the Enneagram in Business, have served as a mentor for students and teachers in training, keynoted at conferences, have served on the board of the International Enneagram Association and is former editor of Nine Points Magazinethe online magazine of the IEA.

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25 Nov 2018 Special Workshop Event Featuring John Luckovich
11 Oct 2018 October Chapter Meeting: Exploring Stories of Enneagram Patterns in Everyday Life with Emily Wingfield
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