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    • 13 May 2021
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom - link in email

    The Enneagram and Societal Overlays

    with Milton Stewart

    Have you ever considered how the Enneagram impacts our environment and culture? Beyond our personal Enneagram types our societies are also led and misled by different forms of Enneagram numbers. Enneagram overlays play a deep role in more than mistyping but in the everyday lives of people. Some overlays are helpful, while some are extremely dangerous. Lets explore these overlays and work on ways to make our environment more dynamic and inclusive.

    Milton C. Stewart, MBA is an Enneagram and Career Coach who works to transform people and organizations. Milton facilitates workshops, conferences, and groups around topics that include inner and outer work through the Enneagram lens. Milton is also passionate about creating the transformation with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. He is also the host of Do It For The Gram: An Enneagram Podcast

    Prior to his coaching and consulting practice, Milton worked in education and the banking sector. Milton worked at HopeWorks Adult Education where he helped adult students obtain their high school diploma(GED & HiSET). He later worked at Memphis College Prep Elementary school where he utilized the Enneagram to work with the teaching staff and students in an underserved community. Milton’s Enneagram work at Memphis College Prep continues to help scholars feel seen, heard, and understood. Milton feels compelled to mentor youth and to teach the Enneagram to underserved communities in hopes of healing them

    • 19 May 2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)

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    • 16 Jul 2021
    • (EDT)
    • 18 Jul 2021
    • (EDT)
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Past events

8 Apr 2021 April 2021 Chapter Meeting: "Habits of the Mind"
18 Mar 2021 Enneagram Applications Training and Certification Program - Module II
11 Mar 2021 March 2021 Chapter Meeting: "The Conscious Enneagram" with Abi Robins
11 Feb 2021 February 2021 Chapter Meeting: Come Share Your Heart
6 Feb 2021 Healing Humanity: The Enneagram & 9 Lenses of Racial Healing with Dr. Deborah Egerton
21 Jan 2021 Enneagram Applications Training and Certification Program - Module I
14 Jan 2021 January 2021 IEA Georgia Chapter Meeting: Enneagram 101
10 Dec 2020 December 2020 IEA Georgia Chapter Meeting: Winter Holiday Social
12 Nov 2020 November Chapter Meeting: The Enneagram and Spiral Dynamics
24 Oct 2020 Going Deeper With the Enneagram: A Special Event with Russ Hudson
10 Sep 2020 September Chapter Meeting: What Type of Ally Are You?
13 Aug 2020 August Chapter Meeting: The Enneagram of Discernment
25 Jul 2020 IEA Regional Conference
11 Jun 2020 June Virtual Chapter Meeting: Brain Based Enneagram
14 May 2020 May Virtual Chapter Meeting: Coping With COVID-19
9 Apr 2020 Virtual April Chapter Meeting: Coping With COVID-19
19 Mar 2020 Enneagram Applications Training and Certification Program - Module II
12 Mar 2020 IEA GA March Chapter Meeting
13 Feb 2020 IEA GA February Chapter Meeting
7 Feb 2020 IEA Regional Conference
23 Jan 2020 Enneagram Applications Training and Certification Program - Module I
9 Jan 2020 January Chapter Meeting: Enneagram Basics
14 Nov 2019 November Chapter Meeting: Surviving the Holidays With the Enneagram
10 Oct 2019 October Chapter Meeting: The Three Instincts- Exploring the Social Instinct
12 Sep 2019 September Chapter Meeting: The Three Instincts- Exploring the Sexual/Attraction/One-to-One Instinct
8 Aug 2019 August Chapter Meeting: The Three Instincts- Exploring the Self-Preservation Instinct
13 Jun 2019 June Chapter Meeting: Enneagram Triadics- The Harmonics
9 May 2019 May Chapter Meeting: Enneagram Triadics- The Hornevians
11 Apr 2019 April Chapter Meeting: The Enneagram of Harmony
14 Mar 2019 March Chapter Meeting: Enneagram History and Origins
7 Feb 2019 February Chapter Meeting: Enneagram Triadics- The Centers
10 Jan 2019 January Chapter Meeting: Enneagram 101
25 Nov 2018 Special Workshop Event Featuring John Luckovich
11 Oct 2018 October Chapter Meeting: Exploring Stories of Enneagram Patterns in Everyday Life with Emily Wingfield
29 Sep 2018 Diving Deeper Into Heart Healing: The Enneagram & Inner Critic Workshop
13 Sep 2018 September Chapter Meeting- The Brain Science of The Instinctual Variants: Fear vs. Safety featuring Dr. Jerome Lubbe
8 Sep 2018 Introduction to the Enneagram
28 Aug 2018 Introduction to the Enneagram Trinity
9 Aug 2018 August Chapter Meeting- Falling Awake: An Enneagram Journey
7 Jun 2018 June Chapter Meeting: The Sacred Enneagram with Chris Heuertz
11 May 2018 Mother's Day Women's Weekend: Yoga & Enneagram with Soul Nourish Retreats
12 Apr 2018 April Chapter Meeting: What Works at Work - - Using the Enneagram for Maximum Personal, Team and Organizational Effectiveness
23 Mar 2018 Dive into Love Women's Weekend: Yoga & Enneagram with Soul Nourish Retreats
8 Mar 2018 March Chapter Meeting: EnneaEssentials A Powerful Combination: The Enneagram and Essential Oils
11 Feb 2018 Going Deeper with The Enneagram: An Exploratory Workshop
8 Feb 2018 February Chapter Meeting: 9s and 4s in Relationship: Learning through Live Panels
11 Jan 2018 January Chapter Meeting: Personality in the Body
14 Dec 2017 December Chapter Meeting
17 Nov 2017 Instincts Enneagram Retreat: Embodying Presence with John Luckovich & Shari L Fox
16 Nov 2017 November Chapter Meeting: Enneagram & The Instincts
12 Oct 2017 October Chapter Meeting: Traveling the Map of the Enneagram
6 Oct 2017 Women's Weekend for the Soul: Yoga & Enneagram with Soul Nourish Retreats
22 Sep 2017 The Journey of Growth Workshop with Nan Henson
16 Sep 2017 The Sacred Enneagram Workshop with Chris Heuertz
14 Sep 2017 September Chapter Meeting
25 Aug 2017 The Enneagram and Relationships Workshop with Nan Henson
24 Aug 2017 August Chapter Meeting: Neuroscience & The Enneagram

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