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creating spaces to learn and connect through the enneagram


We are a community of Enneagram professionals and enthusiasts. As a local chapter of the non-profit International Enneagram Association (IEA), we share the IEA's vision of a world in which the Enneagram is widely understood and constructively used. 

At IEA Southeast USA our mission is to unite and further build our Enneagram community, promote awareness and understanding of the Enneagram, and facilitate personal growth. Founded in 2017, we are excited to see the expansion of the Enneagram community in Southeast and beyond. Meet our board and hear our message we look forward to getting to know you.

The IEA’s mission is to support members by providing opportunities for: 

ENGAGEMENT with an international community of shared interest and diverse approaches.

EDUCATION in theory and application of the Enneagram.

Developing greater EXCELLENCE in the use of the Enneagram. 


Inclusive & Supportive Community:  Building a community where everybody is welcome.  We welcome, represent, and provide a forum for all people and diverse Enneagram perspectives, teachers, practitioners, and enthusiasts.

Accessible:  Meeting people where they are.  We believe knowledge should be unintimidating and accessible to all levels of Enneagram experience from novice to the expert.  This also includes being financially accessible and affordable. 

Educational & Engaging:  Creating a safe space for exploration, growth, and lifelong learning.  We provide high quality gatherings, events, and opportunities to learn from each other and master teachers.  Learnings should include both understanding the theory and how to practically apply it.   

Giving Back:  Helping others with gratitude.  We want to serve, give back, and make a difference in our community and the world. 

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for awareness of self and understanding of others. It helps us to see our patterns of thought, emotions, and behaviors. More importantly, we become aware of the motivations that underlie those patterns. The practice of non-judgmental awareness brings us more and more into a place of Presence from which we experience greater freedom and choices for our actions.  This practice naturally expands our hearts into deeper compassion for ourselves and others.

International Enneagram Association Southeast USA Chapter, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Copyright 2017.

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